so Tenebrae got in a fight with Fart and Default again, then Fart hooked up Default and Tene, so now they’re both dating 


People that blurt out their psychological/emotional/personal problems or something about their pet dieing into local chat with absolutely no warning or provocation


meming with a bunch of friends = cool and fun
spectating a group of friends obnoxiously meming = unpleasant and embarrassing 

people spamming about goddamn anime in local chat

Now I COULD write out a note regarding my inactivity and why I’m not on Fh often

Or I could just have you call to mind a cartoon farting noise






I just got banned for saying penis… apparently there are 8 year olds modding now….

Why did you say penis in a form of chat the mods could hear, though? Because tbh that really isn’t appropriate to say in local, no matter what the reason.

I must be mistaken, I thought that FH was 13+, forgive me then




Guys I know I wasn’t there at the time but that is NOT the way to tell someone their way of handling/using words is wrong

Don’t fight fire with fire, please

Honestly I’ve never understood people trying to get everyone with a character as a mythological/fictional ‘concept’ ((Not like specific fictional creatures with bound rules etc. within their medium like Wargs from Lotf etc.)) to act by specific and unadulterated/uninterpreted rules- yafeel?

When an IC fight your character/group caused ends up in other character’s bios